Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 43

Chapter 43
We can, in fact, blame you for trying, Lymlock. So don’t even think about it.
But anyway, the sorcerers are coming to your world. Of course, it’s not like they’ll be able to use that much magyk there. Your world doesn’t have magyk in the air, so it’s impossible to refill their “battery” on your world.
But we’ve never sent such a large group before. We have sent some sorcerers over there, by themselves, or in a small group. The most is about 3 or 4 at a time.
And, having the unfortunate experience of meeting and knowing Lymlock, I know that he’ll wait and save his magyk for the “proper” opportunities.
I really am sorry about this, people of Earth. It’s not your fault that this happened. We’re in a completely different galaxy than you, with a completely different star system, on a completely different world.
Had we not written to you, you would have had no idea about what was about to happen to your world, or where the mysterious strangers that seemed to have magyk came from.
My advice? Run. Run and hide, and good luck. But it’ll be hard, because you’ve never faced this level of annihilation before.
My condolences,
Kaolin Claystone

I really am sorry about this too. I don’t know why the king and queen won’t listen to reason. We ought to just send them to a different planet, where the people actually deserve it a little more. Just because you’re the closest, that doesn’t mean you should pay for it.
Oh, yeah, by the way, there are a LOT of other planets with life out there. If you survive the coming months, have fun looking for them.
Like Kaolin mentioned, there have been other sorcerers sent to your planet. Sorcerers have led many of your countries, especially communist ones. There was one a few decades back that caused a lot of strife. I believe his name was Hitler, and he had the gift of persuasion.
But that’s beside the point. I truly believe that once the sorcerers get to your Earth, then they will do their best to destroy the world. And that’s the best that they’ll do. If you’re unlucky, they’ll still look to Lymlock for guidance, and he’ll get them to help him rule the world. That would be your worst-case scenario, trust me.
I hope that whoever finds this letter will share it with the world. Everybody ought to be warned of the coming disaster, and if not…well, like I said, you’re doomed. There aren’t many more ways to say it.
I will keep trying to convince the king and queen not to send them there after all. But I believe they will, and the four of us have gotten permission to write you this letter.
After all, if the world ends, it’s not like there’ll be any need for secrecy anymore. Other worlds have been destroyed by us, but never like this.
In other news, most of the kingdom is back to normal. There have been funerals held for the ones who died, human and wizard, and Rhellens is back to normal – as normal as it ever gets when you’re surrounded by magyk.
Dossik and I are now a couple. Kaolin’s prediction from a while ago was true, and we did have a ‘thing,’ as I think he put it.
He’s so cute.
But anyway, a team was dispatched a while ago to take care of the sorcerers in the place where we were held by Lymlock. They succeeded, and they’ll be sent to Earth as well.
Things really aren’t looking good for you, are they?
Well, again, I’m really sorry about this.
Good luck,
Maybelle Collins

This is going to be fun. I’m going to save my magyk for the perfect occasion, and I’m going to get revenge for what Akeelay, Maybelle, and that traitor did to me. I’m taking it out on all of you.
I’ll see you soon,
Malin Lymlock

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