Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 41

Chapter 41
Of course, it didnt end there. There were a lot of loose ends that had to be tied up. Maybelle and the rests fight with the other sorcerers had gone well, luckily, even though most of the wizards didnt have much magyk.
But eventually, all of the sorcerers were knocked out, and only a few wizards killed. Shield spells really do help.
Maybelle was shocked, just like we were, to see that Dossik had been switched over. She unfroze him and tossed him an apple, which he ate greedily, and a few more. He became good again.
Lymlock and the other sorcerers we locked up in the caerthin cells.
Benjamin found that very appropriate, and took every opportunity imaginable to go down there and laugh at them, claiming it was “only fair.”
None of the other wizards objected in the slightest, and many joined him.
But now were getting to the reason we wrote to you. Like the title claims, youre all about to die.

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