Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chapter 38

Chapter 38
Hi, I’m Maybelle. Obviously. So, I’m just filling in a few things about how our fight was going, because it was actually pretty interesting.
We broke in through the window and turned off our levitation spells. The people in the area dropped everything they were holding and staring at us in shock. I looked around. We were a messy, unorganized bunch of wizards, but we were most likely the only wizards they had seen for nearly a month.
I felt sorry for them in that moment. They probably had it much worse than Akeelay, Dossik, Kaolin and I did. At least out there, sorcerers were just hunting us down – we had a decent chance of escaping them. But here, they had to face the sorcerers each and every day, knowing that they might not survive to see another sunrise.
But that wasn’t the point. In only a few moments, sorcerers flooded up the stairs toward us, looking ready to kill whatever and whomever they saw.
They weren’t ready to see us. It seemed to be as big of a surprise to them as it was to the nonmagykans standing around, still in shock.
“Now!” I called to the wizards, supposedly the same way Lymlock had done when the sorcerers had attacked from the same direction.
Sensih!” we all shouted, aiming our wands or hands at the sorcerers.
Many of the near-100 strong band of sorcerers went out, just like that. It really was that simple. I could understand how easily Lymlock took over, especially with only 37 guardians.
But this castle was ours to take back, and we would do it. I didn’t see Lymlock among the crowd, which slightly surprised me. I would have expected him to be one of the first to push through and attempt to kill us. Perhaps I didn’t know him as well as I thought I did, I mused as we sent out more unconsciousness spells.
But then, maybe he was just busy.
Struck by the sudden thought that Kaolin and Akeelay could be in trouble, I redoubled my efforts.
All of we wizards were fighting as hard as we could, but the strain was just too much. We hadn’t truly fought a large group of either sorcerers or other magykal creatures in a long time, and it showed.
The sorcerers were starting to overpower us. I watched many of my best friends die, and that was when I snapped. Even though I knew that Group B might need her later, I signaled Neyolc.
Everything continued the same way for a moment, and then bricks and stone fell everywhere. I created a quick physical shield.
Note on shields: There are two kinds. One blocks all magyk (well, spells at least, other magyk, such as from different magykal creatures, is a whole other chapter – literally, there are books about it), for which the spell is Tarka, but the other kind blocks actual objects in the vicinity, which is Rotegu. I had just created the latter.
As another side note, I have no idea how I, or other magykans, know the spells. When we know what spell we want to use, the appropriate word just flows out.
But let’s get back to the fight. Neyolc swooped in, breathing flames and looking terrifying. If I didn’t know her, I would be deathly afraid. Actually, I did, but I was still scared.
She burnt a lot of the sorcerers, but I doubted any would mourn their loss. With the possible exception of their living friends, who were cowering in terror as the dragyon rose back out of the castle after only a few moments.
After that, it was easy to capture the rest of them, shooting them into unconsciousness.
The whole battle took almost one of your hours, but it seemed longer.
“Now what?” Edina asked. We really didn’t have a plan for what to do after the fight. The point was to get the sorcerers out of commission, so that the others could awaken Demivid and Reyna, the king and queen.
And we got the sorcerers out of commission. We had achieved our goal, and now I had to worry about how the others were doing.

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