Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 39

SO sorry for not updating in forever. Life got in the way. I'll catch up and probably finish the book today. :)

Chapter 39
And, yeah, we fought. Magykal fights are hard to describe or explain if you can’t see magyk. Fortunately, I can, but you wouldn’t truly understand anyway. Spells were sent back and forth, we fought, and that was pretty much it.
There were two of them for every one of us, but we had a cause. Defending is harder than trying to get through, especially because we didn’t care about killing them, we just wanted to get through.
So we shot ‘unconscious’ or ‘freeze’ spells, trying to get them out of our way.
And we got through eventually. Pushing them aside, literally and magykally, the 5 of us not dead or unconscious got through.
And what we saw...was a surprise at the least.
It was Dossik. Seriously. He wasn’t like he used to be, though. The sorcerers, probably Lymlock, had turned him.
He wasn’t on our side.
It was a bigger surprise for Akeelay and I than it was for the other wizards, though. We stopped in our tracks, shocked, but the other wizards just kept rushing forward.
“Stop!” Akeelay commanded before anybody could kill Dossik with a spell.
Each of the wizards was so stunned at her tone that they halted. Dossik kept running, so I took the liberty of freezing him with a spell.
Dossik stopped, unable to move but still looking mad, in both terms of the word. He seemed both furious and crazy, his eyes dilated intensely.
“What’s going on?” the same wizard who had led us to the throne room demanded. “Do you know him, and what is he doing here?”
“Yes, we know him, but there’s no time for that now,” Akeelay said urgently. “We have to find the king and queen! Where could they be?”
And, of course, it was at that exact moment that Lymlock burst in through the doors behind us.

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