Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 40

Chapter 40
Of course, everything had to happen right at that moment. I was still frozen in shock. Why was Dossik there? Then I remembered what he had told us just  before we left with Neyolc. He had said he would try to meet us back at the castle, and all three of us had completely forgotten about that.
I couldnt believe that Lymlock had found him, realized that he was the same centaur we had been traveling with, and turned him. But he had, and now I had to turn around and face him, because he had just burst into the room.
“And now, you die!” he shouted, always the dramatic one.
“Not yet,” Kaolin growled, and shouted the spell for the signal we had arranged. “Tiffirma!”
We all waited. Even Lymlock paused for a second, expecting something to happen. But nothing did. Neyolc didnt burst into the room like we had planned, and everything was exactly the same.
“That was effective,” Lymlock sneered. “Any other brilliant ideas?”
At that point we were all desperate. We had no idea where the king and queen were, and we had no way of finding out quickly. And Lymlock was blocking the only exit.
Sensih!” one of the wizards shouted, aiming the spell at Lymlock.
But before it reached him, he threw up a hand and shouted, “Tarka!” The shield spell was effective, and nothing happened.
I pulled out my knife, not knowing what good it would do. But at the moment I did so, words burst into my head, and I spoke them without thinking about it.
Ego spiritu liberabit vos!”
There was no effect for a beat of silence, everyone looking at me in confusion.
Then, colors exploded in the room. Running over the walls, racing through the air, rainbows of color shot out like fireworks going off. One big massive flash, and everyone passed out except for me, even Dossik, breaking his spell.
“That was effective,” I murmured to myself. I realized what had happened in that moment.
The knife had been possessed by a spirit. Spirits are magykal creatures that possess inanimate objects. They choose an owner, a certain person that, for whatever reasons they want, will somehow come to own that object, which reflects spells. That was why Maybelle and Kaolin had said that there was magyk on it, but not an actual spell. Eventually, if they need to, the owner can speak four key words to release the spirit to help them.
It didnt really help me much, though. Obviously, Lymlock was out of the equation, but so were Kaolin and all the wizards that could help me. And now, I had a useless knife and a completely differently colored throne room, and no idea of how to find the king and queen.
I didnt know where the other wizards and sorcerers were, or who was winning. I had no special talents, really, that had gotten me this far. It was all the spirit and Maybelle and Kaolin with the talents.
All I had was the dedication not to quit. And I guess technically I had started the quest, and I should finish it.
I had no idea what to do at that point. I looked around the throne room. Most of the colors in the room had switched, so there was little I really recognized.
A rectangle stood out to me. I hadnt noticed a differently colored rectangle ever before. It was on what used to be a blank white wall, but was now fuchsia, and the rectangle was bright green. I walked over to it and realized that it was a door.
A door I had never noticed before. What better place to hide the king and queen if you wanted them out of the way?
I slowly walked over to the door and opened it, holding and twisting the ridiculously colored doorknob.
A small room, containing a bed and a few tables, stood behind the door. On the bed lay the king and queen. I rushed over to the bed and pulled out the now-dirty blue feather.
Realizing that I didnt know what to do with it, I passed the feather an inch over their bodies.
First the king, then the queen opened their eyes.
Our quest was over.

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