Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 42 (Part 2)

Hey guys, sorry about that short break, although I guess you didnt notice it, because youre reading, not here with us. Funny.
Well, anyway, Kaolin was writing, and Lymlock, like hes been for most of the day when he wasnt writing, was off sitting in the corner, angry at himself and us. Especially us.
I was sitting right behind Kaolin, watching him write, when suddenly somebody grabs me around the neck and yanks me upright.
Of course, it was Lymlock. I couldnt say anything, because he was nearly strangling me.
Gasping for air, I heard him hiss, “Let me go, traitor. Or Ill kill her.”
Kaolin spun around, jumping to his feet. He looked at me uncertainly, then at Lymlock.
“Dont try a spell, unless its to unlock the door,” Lymlock warned him.
He stood there, unsure of what to do. I understood why, of course, but I was going to die.
I grabbed for my knife at my belt. Even though this had nothing to do with a spell, it was still a knife, and it would still help me escape.
I found an empty belt, no sheath, no knife, and I cursed my earlier self for leaving it in my room. I had no weapon.
Lymlock increased the pressure around my throat.
“Do it!” he demanded, but I barely heard him at that point.
Suddenly, out of options, I jerked my head forward as hard as I could, then yanked myself out of his grasp.
He glared at me resentfully. I shrugged in response, acting like it was no big deal.
“If you try anything like that again, Malin,” Kaolin said coldly, emphasizing the first name he knew Lymlock hated, “I will kill you. I dont care what the king and queen say.”
“And then youll be banished too.”
“He can claim self-defense,” I said calmly. “And trust me, you wont be missed. At all.”
“Fine,” he growled, still glaring at me.
Right now Kaolin is watching him, but I should probably let him write now. Or Lymlock.

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